Workgroups of the Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications

With reference to the key sectors identified by the Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications CIT patron of the digital industry, it has chosen 15 key sectors led by the elite of industrialists and people of expertise in each area, to promote the uses of modern communications and IT solutions to raise the level of specialized services in different industries and key sectors, in order to provide consulting and support growth and development of society.

Headed by Dr. / Hossam Alsamad of the company "Compumedical" Health
deputy Engineer / Nagy Tharwat from "Exsys Solutions"
Headed by Engineer / Adel Abdel Moneim "Raya academy" Information Security
deputy Engineer / Ahmed Bahaa, director of business development of ASC
Headed by Engineer / Hazem Baraka "Inter Nile" Internet
deputy Engineer / Ahmad AbdulMuttalleb of "Icons"
 Headed by Engineer / Jad Mansour "Gad Tech" Banking
deputy Engineer / Gomah Hassan, from the Nile for information technology
Headed by Eng / Majed Hijazi of "eknowledge" Training
deputy Engineer / Hesham Rafik of "knowledge"
Headed by Engineer / Mohamed Elfarnawany from "Magaal" Transport
deputy Engineer / Ahmed AlHadidi of AST
Headed by Engineer / Hashim Zuhair of the Nile IT Business applications
deputy Engineer / Wael Hossam of "Inotek"
Headed by Engineer / Manal Amin of "Arabize" Content
deputy Engineer / Mohamed Adel Khalifa of "Khalifa"
Headed by Engineer / Ali Lachin of "Computech" Government Services
deputy Engineer / Alaa Kilani of DMS
Headed by Engineer / Nabil Fares of "Egypto Soft" Tourism and Hotels
deputy Engineer / Hassan Sadeq of "CI Host"
Headed by Engineer / Majed Farraaj of Mega Media Multimedia
deputy Engineer / Wael Khairy from "Dar Ktabat"
 Headed by Engineer / Hisham Zohar from the Nile IT Mobile Application
deputy Engineer / Wael Hossam from Inotek
Headed by Dr. / Mostafa Saleh of "informatic" Education
deputy Eng / Majed Hijazi of "eKnowledge"
Headed by Dr. / Mohammed Hussein of "Egypt SAT" Manufacturing
deputy Engineer / Majed Abdul Majeed of "Metrix IT"
Headed by Engineer / Mohamed AlBaqir of "Teleconnect" Call Centers