Training is an essential part of the activities carried out by the Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunication (CIT) in implementation of the important functions and roles entrusted to it. CIT implements many training programs through the Training Workgroup. With (15) specialized workgroups, CIT training covers many areas of functionality including providing professional training in the following:

  • Business Management.
  • Building Capacity.
  • Technical Tracks.
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Engineering.
  • Soft Skills.

Moreover, the Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunication offers its member companies Consultation Services for:

  • Training Need Assessments.
  • Training Evaluation (ROI Studies).
  • Project management Consultations.

Example for specialized training and educational programs delivered by CIT is training for use of Oracle applications for (50) of the member companies. The training involved (5) members of each company staff with a financial support of 85% at CIT including training and licenses from ITIDA, under supervision of Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC). Training has focused on the following areas: Oracle Developer, Oracle Administration, and Discoverer. Trainees have been awarded certificates of attendance and free online training for one year as well as technical support.