Overview of the strategy of the Chamber of Information Technology CIT (2014-2017)

In an effort to provide an appropriate and healthy environment for the development of informatics in Egypt and being the patron of digital industry, the strategic vision of the Chamber of Information Technology CIT was based on a number of axes considering 2014-2017.

This ambitious plan is embodied in the completion of projects already initiated by boards of directors over the past years, and the determination of the general frameworks and criteria for success related to each project, initiative or activity sponsored by the chamber through disvisions and working groups, relying on clear criteria for performance evaluation and monitoring of the success stories and facing challenges, encouraging and supporting creativity and innovation among member companies, and enhancing the financial capabilities of Egyptian companies through the provision of various means to investment and financing, in addition to the vision of cooperation with civil society organizations and integration in the programs offered for the development of the sector in general, and finally the strategy relied on providing multiple outlets for autonomous financial resources for the development of business, programs and activities.