Main business functions of the Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications CIT that are compatible with its vision for the development of this sector-these functions- are based on the creation of an integrated digital society capable of building and competing and positively impacting the national income and gross domestic product and the improvement and development of all sectors and the services provided to citizens through regulatory frameworks in line with the government vision and international orientations, through several factors:

  • Organizing and managing missions to regional and international routes in order to open new marketing channels for Egyptian company members, to be implemented on the basis of careful analysis of target markets and keeping pace with the needs and requirements of users and growth opportunities after studying and analyzing these new markets.
  • Increasing the competitive capabilities of the members in the areas of innovation and product development in line with the successive global changes in the industry.
  • Constructive cooperation with many of the institutions of civil society and non-state intities to share their experiences.
  • Supporting financial consultations and providing the tools and innovative skills to manage investment operations.
  • Enabling members through a full range of development and training programs to meet market needs.
  • Optimizing the utilization of digital solutions and consolidating them in the uses of the sustainable development of society.