Through its history for more than 15 years dedicated in serving the Egyptian information technology and telecommunication industry, the Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunication takes the lead of many great initiatives all directed particularly for the benefit of member companies and for the support of information technology and communication industry development in Egypt in general.
Here are some examples of the local initiatives taken by CIT:

  • Classifying the ICT companies operating in Egypt:
  • A committee has been formed comprising representatives for CIT, EITESAL, ITIDA, General Division of Computer of the General Union of Chambers of Commerce, and Association of Educational and Commercial Software Producers. The committee has been assisted by three consultants for the legal, governmental and private sector representations.
  • Standard Contracts Preparation:
  • For the purpose of regulating various relationships among the member companies, CIT has adopted the idea of preparing number of standard contracts by help of a legal advisor of the State Council. The following 6 contracts have been finished and circulated to the members via the CIT online portal for their review and feedback:
    1. Contract for Preparation and Supply of Software
    2. Contract for Supply of Software
    3. Contract for Integrated Solutions Systems
    4. Contract for Supply, download, training, and licensing the use of programs
    5. Contract for Technical Support
    6. License Agreement for computer software use
    The above six standard contracts and agreement have also been reviewed by Dispute Resolution Committee and its feedback and comments are currently worked on in preparation for reaching the final acceptable formula.
  • Consultants Database Creation:
  • Believing in the important role of consultants and trying to define and count such segment, a committee has been formed comprising one or more representatives for of CIT, State Council, universities and institutes, the private sector, and consultancy offices in order to create a database for the consultants on the CIT online portal to be later opened for registration.