Main divisions of the Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications CIT: The Information Technology and Telecommunications CIT (patron of the digital industry) adopted a detailed and comprehensive study of the needs of the market and the companies involved for determining the vital sectors in the industry worthy of significant support in terms of development. In a move compatible with the chamber's ambitious vision to cover the major sector it has identified 4 key sectors, namely:

  • Software Division
    This Division is interested in many of the major hubs for the development of the software industry in Egypt and the most important of which is researching ways to develop and improve Egyptian software services and products, and to identify effective mechanisms for the adoption of international quality standards in the areas of software innovation, and improve the international competitiveness of member companies that invent software.

  • Devices and Equipment Division
    Chamber of information technology and telecommunications CIT focused through its ambitious plan for the Division of devices and equipment to achieve a full range of objectives the most important of which is ranking member companies in this area to form groups involving all member companies in this area, setting clear standards for the quality of Egyptian products, especially in the area of personal computers, Rating companies according to the size of its business, encouraging entrepreneurs of fresh graduates to establish companies to assemble computers and take advantage of the available funding programs offered by different bodies in the state programs, establishing the necessary training courses that are compatible with the global trends of the development of human skills in the field of manufacturing in Egypt.

  • Services Division
    Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications CIT patron of the digital industry is interested through this division to achieve a set of goals, including building successful partnerships gathering Egyptian member companies along with international partners in addition to promoting mega alliances between different Egyptian entities, and encouraging IT companies to achieve strong presence in the various governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt to meet the needs of cities, such as Alexandria, Tanta, Zagazig and Assiut and the Suez Canal zone , and bridging the gap between local human resources and labor market needs through training and development programs, assessing the level of services provided by member companies in terms of solutions and applications offered and human resources providing service, and analytical study of the challenges and obstacles facing the digital services sector in the Egyptian market and providing a range of appropriate solutions and, finally, modernization and development of a portfolio of services in the Egyptian information technology sector and the strengthening of the business applications in various walks of life.

  • Telecommunications Division
    Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications CIT patron of the digital industry in Egypt in organizing the work of the telecommunications division made sure of their compatibility with the overall vision of the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and IT achieve many of the results and achievements, the most important of which is promoting the use of modern communication solutions in various quarters and bringing added value to the services provided to the community and provide constructive solutions to all challenges facing society, and activating the role of telecommunications in the advancement of tools and efficiency of human resources in order to cope with regional and global variables, strengthen the position of the Egyptian telecommunications sector through the adoption of international standards and classifications to ensure competition and raise the level of services for growth that commensurates with industry trends, and finally targeting to raise the awareness of the Egyptian society of the importance of telecommunications as a tool enabling the development and promotion of society.