Development Support

The Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunication (CIT) is entrusted with a great mission represented in development of the information technology and telecommunication across Egypt and raising the Egyptian awareness of the importance of using modern technologies and information systems within all levels in order to enhance skills and abilities towards building a modern Egyptian society abreast of the latest updates in the ICT industry. The ICT industry receives great support and attention by the governmental authorities.
As a part of the ICT development support, the Government of Egypt has early recognized the importance of information technology and telecommunication as being a significant enabler for the national socio-economic development and strengthening the country’s competitiveness. At an early stage of the 2000s, the Government of Egypt has created multiple ICT research centers and educational institutions in support of the desired development in the ICT sector. It has also designed several strategic plans for the adoption and use of ICTs in both public and private sectors alike.
Established in 1999 in parallel with CIT, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) is entrusted with the task of supporting and empowering the modern information society in Egypt. In close cooperation with relevant government agencies and the private sector, MCIT has implemented a number of national plans.
Thanks to strong Government commitment to ICT development support, Egypt has witnessed a number of remarkable improvements in ICT industry including for example the availability of trained human resources, exports of ICT-enabled services, promotion of digital content, Restructuring subsidies in telecom sector, new initiatives aiming at Egypt engagement in the global information society, building the institutional and regulatory framework for a successful market economy and the most important is several Public Private Partnerships.
In terms of achievements in ICT infrastructure, the Government has implemented a number of policy measures to improve connectivity and access, including the deregulation of the telecommunication sector with the allocation of three licenses to mobile operators. High-quality fiber broadband connections are now available in main cities and business parks, such as the Smart Village.