As the only leading Egyptian semi-governmental recognized association fully dedicated for serving the information technology industry in Egypt, the Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunication (CIT) takes part in most ICT conferences and events whether as an organizer, sponsor or a participant.
The CIT is keen on having a good presence in the local as well as global ICT conferences and events to introduce member companies to the attendees as well as presenting CIT services for non-members among the participating and attending companies.
Recently, for example, the Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunication (CIT) has participated in the 18th round of Cairo ICT 2014 Conference and Fair held during the period 4-7 November 2014 under the auspices of Minister of Communication and Information Technology.
Here are number of sampling highlighted events and conferences organized, attended or participated in by CIT throughout its long history:

  1. National Conference of Arabic Digital Content Industry, 2009
  2. Information and Communication Technology Conference on Multimedia and Information Security, 2008
  3. E-governance conference and exhibition, 2008
  4. Bank-Tech Conference, 2010
  5. Second International Conference on Tourism and e-marketing, 2009
  6. Projects to the Point “P2P”
  7. Third Arab Regional Conference on Cyber Security and Intellectual Property.
  8. Scientific Forum for Encouraging E-Commerce Industry
  9. Conference on “Intellectual Property Rights Between the Legislation and Application”
  10. International Conference on ”PACS - Picture Archival & Communication System”
  11. Arab International Conference on E-Tourism
  12. First Training and Employment Forum, 2007