Business Matchmaking

One of the most significant landmarks of the CIT track of activities is Business Matchmaking program. Business Matchmaking program is a public-private initiative led by CIT in support of raising sales opportunities for small businesses in the 4 main sectors of ICT industry in Egypt. For the past years, CIT has produced many regional face-to-face selling events, plenary seminars and workshops as well as ICT conferences.
The CIT Business Matchmaking team has developed a good list of key resources providing essential information, necessary support and guidelines let you start growing your business. This section will continue to be updated with new resources available freely to small businesses that we think will best benefit both your growth and expansion. CIT Business Matchmaking program has enabled more than 50 small businesses to maximize their sales by means of the contracts granted.
CIT Business Matchmaking enables member companies to:

  1. Connect with the right partners and prospects.
    • Building strong relationships with local businesses in the ICT industry.
    • Connect to the right busyness partners and prospects.
    • Maximize your business development efforts and save time in partner searches.
  2. Partner Search
    • Identify potential partners and get detailed company reports.
    • Determine the marketability of your product or service.
  3. Personalized Business Matchmaking
    • Meet sales representatives, and business partners.
    • Leverage customized market briefings, research, and advice.
  4. Trade Shows
    • Take part in the best local and global exhibitions.
    • Display your services and products in the best manner.
  5. In-Country Promotions
    • Leverage customized venues to reach potential partners and buyers.
    • Advertise in our official newsletter sent to about 40,000 national and international companies.