Membership Benefits

As a CIT member company, stakeholders will have access to great number of significant benefits and added-values to their businesses and staff alike. The Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunication (CIT) has the following values proposition and membership benefits for its members:

  1. Access to all activities and events organized or participated by the CIT including:
    • Exhibitions (Local, regional, and global).
    • Meetings, seminars and workshops held or delivered by the CIT on various topics regarding industry of information technology in general.
    • General and specialized training in the information technology in the field of information technology.
  2. Participation in the works and activities of the CIT 4 main Sectors: Software, Hardware, Communications and Services).
  3. Utilization of the specialized functions of the CIT Workgroups: health, information security, internet, tourism, content, business applications, multimedia, call center, training, finance, training, government and transportation.
  4. Benefiting from the CIT interrelation and connections with all governmental and non-governmental bodies, ministries, and research institutions.
  5. Sharing opinions, ideas and proposals for the interest of information technology industry at all levels.
  6. Getting the logistic support and member companies qualification for participating in the global markets through development of marketing studies, training programs, courses and specialized workshops.
  7. Corporate support to get an access to various exhibitions through close coordination with Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA).
  8. Enabling member companies of expanding their relations networks with counterparts among other similar institutions.
  9. Proving the member companies with useful information and data in various fields (Industrial, technical, commercial, etc.)
  10. Assistance for establishment of strong alliances and powerful ties serving the ICT industry.
  11. Adoption of the member companies issues and contribution to development of the optimal solutions particularly such regarding dealing with governmental and non-governmental bodies.
  12. Assistance with development of sales and marketing approach by providing member companies with marketing databases to fulfill the local and foreign market needs.
  13. Utilization of all information, data and opportunities posted on the CIT online portal and benefiting from the marketing channels provided for the members products and services.
  14. Access to many other services dedicated for the members including but not limited to tenders, promotional campaigns, seminars and conferences, workshops, and discounts on EgyptAir tickets, etc.
Eligibility Criteria

The membership of the Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunication (CIT) is allowed for any company working and specializing in any sector of information technology or telecommunications industry (within the CIT (4) main sectors: Software, Hardware, Communication, and Services) or any discipline of the (14) specialized workgroups. CIT Membership is based on a combination of ICT qualification and any relevant experience in the main sector or working field of specialty. . A company applying for CIT membership must be more than 5000 L.E in terms of capital or 25 employees or more as workforce. Membership of the eligible companies shall be subject to the CIT Board of Directors’ approval and review of the submitted documents.