Chairman's Statement
Mr. Khalid Ibrahim, Chairman of the Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications Industry Management CIT

On the concept of strengthening the competitive advantages of the sector of Egyptian information technology and communication enriched by the distinguished human cadres capable of global competition, and the innovative solutions, applications and services that would be reliable in the creation of real industry that will impact on the national income for our beloved homeland, and ambitious vision of the Government of Egypt overseen by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, which reaches its prospects for the transition to an intelligent community that recognizes the importance of consolidating the uses and the tools of modern technology solutions in the advancement of all the services provided to citizens and the development of performance within associations and state bodies and strengthen the reputation of Egyptian industry on the global map. This eflects our vision in the Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications CIT to choose the slogan "patron of the digital industry," as an umbrella for our work that refers to the size of the responsibility that falls to us for the advancement of this industry and its development.

And because we are fully aware of the caliber of challenges and obstacles that may be faced by small and medium-sized companies that has a lot of the technical expertise and human potential that qualifies them to match the largest specialized companies in this field, provided the integration of presentation tools and means of success, and our commitment to patron the digital industry in Egypt we have embarked during the current session of the Council of the Chamber of information technology and telecommunication on identifying a list of priorities including the increasing of domestic demand for Egyptian companies and to build bridges of communication with regional and global markets to open new channels to the Egyptian giant of technical products industry and draw global attention to a promising future for one of the leading growth sectors in the world and increasing rates of activities and events to raise the skills and tools in the areas of sales and marketing to achieve the objectives of the members, whose number exceeded 970 companies.

Valued visitors to our website, perhaps these words will not be enough to review our vision, strategy and objectives that we seek to achieve, the words will not suffice to describe the effort and dedication by all members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Office in collaboration with the Information Technology Industry Development Authority "ITIDA" and under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to make a real breakthrough in the advancement of quality, performance and efficiency of the Egyptian companies of which we all dream to lead the industry in the African continent and to extend the Egyptian leadership to culminate digital unity in the region.